Long Term Use of Polycrylic Sealant Q


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Berkeley, CA
So, I've custom made a few hides for my girlfriend's young Crested Geckos. Following a combination of various forums (including this one), I've used what I believe are safe materials. I started with extruded polystyrene, then sanded and painted them with DecoArt's Americana Acrylic paints, and glued some pieces with an aquarium safe silicone. Finally, I spray coated them three times with the water based Polycrylic. They're all curing/de-gassing now.

My questions are for anyone with long term experience using Polycrylic. She frequently uses a misting bottle to moisten her enclosures. Will this be resisted by the Polycrylic coated hides over time? Is cured Polycrylic truly inert/safe for young Geckos (e.g. does it ever melt, become toxic later, etc.)?

Any relevant feedback would be cool.

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