New gecko mom - Mediterranean baby gecko


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Hi everyone! My daughter caught a baby Mediterranean house gecko not bigger than 2 inches. He or she is so cute!! We put him in a plastic container with some wet coconut planter bedding for the night and went out the next morning to get the guy a new home. We have a 10 gallon tank with coconut eco bedding a cave with small water dish, UTH pad and a 25 watt red night light. The first day he ate a cricket and has been averaging 1-2 crickets a night. We also spray his tank a couple times a day. The temp and humidity is ok. It been over a week and Yoshi (his newly chosen name) is thriving. Tonight my daughter and I cleaned his tank. We fixed it up a bit differently then what he's used to but he will get used to it.
My question is when cleaning their tank weekly do you completely start over with new substrate or do you keep some of the old and new. I'm unsure if geckos are sensitive to their own scent. I know they are territorial. Anyone know? Also does anyone know how to tell if it's a boy or girl? Please let me know!! Thank you! 9043AF3B-EAD4-4940-9FD4-400732CDDC45.jpeg


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Congrats on your gecko. To be honest I don't clean my bioactive enclosures. I have substrate, plants, isopods to clean up the poop and it just cycles naturally.


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