New Leopard Gecko Owner!


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Hey guys!

I just got a baby Leopard Gecko with my partner. We have some questions about his tank set up. We have two hides for his cool side, and I bought him a reptile carpet, which I'd like to keep as the substrate for him to prevent problems with his digestive health.

I have an under heater on my tank that get pretty warm - so I don't know what to make a substrate for his hot side? I'm afraid the carpet will start a fire but I want a hide for him there. Any help please? I want him happy and healthy.



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Massachusetts, United States
People use thermostats, rheostats, or different wattage bulbs to regulate the temperature. If your tank were hot enough to combust a carpet, your gecko would be in mortal danger!

Slate tiles can make a very nice substrate, but you'll still need to monitor temperature to make sure they don't get too hot. An infrared temp gun or digital thermometer with a probe can help you make sure the temperature is all right.

People use humid hides with damp coco fiber (eco earth) or sphagnum moss to aid shedding. A humid hide is an enclosed hide that will keep in the moisture. You can buy them or make one out of a lidded, plastic container by cutting a smooth entrance hole.