Nighttime temp


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Hey I am been looking around on these forums but have never posted until now. I just have a quick question about nighttime temperatures for my african fat tail gecko. I'm not sure if I should turn off my heat pad at night or not. My nighttime temperature is 75-77 degrees F. What temp should I never go below at night. I have been getting mixed answers from caresheets.


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When I got my 2 babies from their breeder, he let their rack go down to about 80 at night, and 91-93 during the day. So far, with my heat pad on and a blue night time bulb, the ambient temp stays about 88 on the warm side at night, and only 81 on the cool side.


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Yeah, the key with AFT's is to keep a temperature drop across the cage, from warm side to cool side, and you don't really have to worry about trying to maintain any certain differences at night. I keep all my AFT's around 90 on the warm side and 75-78 on the cool side, around the clock. And I know they're doing good because they all eat, grow and breed like crazy, lol.

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