Ohio Gecko - Facebook Auction Promo


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Sterling Ohio
I'm contemplating putting a handful of geckos up for auction through our facebook page. If the auction post can get 200 likes it would show that the auction would be worthwhile. Here is the list of what would be auctioned:

1. G63 3rd generation Tangerine ph Tremper Female
2. Blood Hypo Cross ph Tremper Female
3. Emerine ph Tremper Female
4. Sunglow Female
5. AFT Zero Female

All these females will be 1st year breeders.

I will post pics and set a time for the auction only if and after this facebook post gets 200 likes. If we don't get 200 likes then no big deal, I will check again in a couple of months.

Here is a link to Ohio Gecko's facebook:

Check it out and "like" the post so we can auction off some of our best geckos :)