Quarantined away from my Leo, will we lose our newly formed bond?


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So ive contracted covid whilst at my boyfriends house so im stuck quarantined over at his house away from my juvenile gecko, my uncle back home is caring for him, but is too nervous to hand feed him. I had JUST gained the Gecko’s trust (via hand feeding) enough for him to walk up to my hand and boop my fingers with his nose. Its been a couple months since i brought him home and his skittish nature had JUST started to go away, when all of a sudden i have to be away for a couple weeks. I wanna know what u guys think, because if we will likely lose our new bond imma just get my uncle to bring the whole terrarium here, but its so much effort i dont wanna ask for that unless its needed.

Herpin Man

No- geckos don’t really “bond” with people.
However it’s possible that, if not hand fed for a while, the gecko may revert to its previous shyness. More than likely, though, you will be able to get back to where you were in a short period of time.

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