Questions on taming Leopard Gecko


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Can anyone give me some advice on how to tame my leopard gecko? I rescued him from a friend who did not want to take care of him anymore and she rarely ever held him. I used to hold him everyday to get him used to me, but he never got used to me. Lately he has been having some shed issues so I am sure its not helping that everytime I take him out its for something unpleasant like removing stuck shed. Also, he has started to bite me when I pick him up now. I am afriad that I lost his trust. Any tips for me gecko to actually like me:( would be greatly appreciated! IMG_1524.JPGIMG_1526.JPG


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Somerville, MA
Some geckos never enjoy being held from the time they've hatched. He may be tamable but possibly not. Still, you do need him to somewhat tolerate being held when you have to do it. Start by putting your hand in the enclosure to feed him (if you hand feed him, he may decide that your fingers are really big mealworms and then you'll have other problems). Give him experiences where your hand is near him but you're not doing anything he doesn't like. When you finally do pick him up, scoop him up from underneath (rather than from above) and make a little cave with your hands so he can sit there and feel your warmth. If you really have to pick him up and he's being resistant, you may have to hold him with your thumb at the top of where his shoulders are and your other fingers on the belly side where his shoulders are. This will make it hard for him to twist his head and bite you.