Rack are amazing


breeder in training
Frederick, MD
Racks are amazing, I have had my rack up and running for about 2 or 3 weeks now. At first I thought that I wouldnt like it because I wouldnt be able to view my geckos the way I wanted but that wasnt the case. Its a simple as pulling out a drawer lol. My geckos seem so much more happy in the rack. Everything is so much easier ie controlling temps, feeding and cleaning. Granted the temp control is because the rack forced me to get flexwatt and a thermostat but still. I wish I would have done it before even if it was a little one. My wife doesnt care for geckos to much but what she really didnt like was all those tanks taking up so much room. Well since I got my rack and it takes up such a little space compared to tanks she buys them for me now and encourages me to buy more! Not a very important post but I thought I would share my thought lol.