Should I Still Use A Dehumidifier?


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Hi guys, I've seen topics around here about humidity but I have a few specific questions.

Here's a quick rundown of setup first:

20 gallon tank, UTH, 3 hides, and tile as substrate. That isn't including some pieces of decoration and the usual food dish and water (small).

My questions are:

1. I have a dehumidifier as I read it's a way to help lower the humidity, but do I need this if the temps are usually between 40% - 50%, at times 60%? I know it's supposed to be lower, my main concern is obviously my little buddy's health. Though I brought it recently, should I invest in a different dehumidifier considering it doesn't seem to have much of an impact? It's an Eva-dry mini.
2. I have some moss in the tank and in one of the hides, so I'm just wondering if it's better to only keep moss in the hide, or it doesn't matter?
3. Should I get a digital thermo-hydrometer since mine is analog, or is it fine as is?

I appreciate any answers, thanks for taking the time to check this.


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Leopard geckos are actually a lot more humidity tolerant than folks believe. As long as temperatures are correct, having mid-range humidity like that is fine. Most keep moss only in the humid hide, so if you are keeping damp moss all around the cage, that would raise the humidity (but not dried moss obviously).

Highly recommend digital for all monitoring. Those little analog dials can be very inaccurate.