Stuck Shed on Toes.


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I am having major issues with trying to get the stuch shed off my leos toes. I used to peel it off with my hand, but this was really stressful for myself and the gecko. I have given him many baths in warm water to try to loosen up the skin with no results. I bought the zoomed reptished aid to see if that would work, and it did but the skin still will not come off the tip of the toe. Then I even tried giving my leo a bath with water and the repti shed aid together and it helped but there is stil some shed on the toes. I did notice that a couple of my leos toes look red/ scabbed over on the end like it cut off the circulation for the toe and it lost the nail. I have not seen any blood anywhere so I do not think he was really bleeding. Please help and let me know what I should do because I am at a loss.



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I find that when you end up with shed stuck at the nail bed, there's really nothing to do but to use your fingernails to take it off. Do a short soak first (I sometimes just spray the gecko's feet with my spray bottle). Hold the gecko and put the hem of your shirt over its head so it thinks it's hiding. You can hold it against your stomach to support it. Start with the back leg that's sticking out and use your fingernails to pull the shed off. If there's a little blood, don't worry; it happens sometimes. Once you've gotten the back leg and front leg that are sticking out, turn the gecko 180 degrees, put the shirt over the head again and do the other side. Yes, it will struggle and open it's mouth and may even poop on you, but the shed will come off. I have a male gecko (that I've had for 4-5 years, since he was a young adult) who absolutely hates to be held for any reason and I do this when his shed needs to come off.



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Soak it for sure and while doing that gently rub the shed with a q tip. When i first got my leo i was kinda carless and just treated like a possesion and left it. I look back at this and feel terrible about this. now in high school and not just and ignorant 1st grader she is a healthy gecko but when ever i handle her im reminded of my bad care because she doesnt have nails. Dont be like me in 2nd grade