Sudan Plated Lizards


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Southern California
So my fiance has a pair of Sudan plateds (Gerrhosaurus major major) and he found eggs!! Unfortunately, they were deflated, so now he's checking the laybox on an almost daily basis. We've already done as much research as we could as far as how to incubate (85-86F is what we read), and to make sure that the male doesn't get the eggs (yum yum), but does anyone here have any info on breeding these guys? We've also been looking for another female to add to make it a 1.2 trio, but haven't found any reliable sources on where to get a female. Everytime a show is nearby, we head over there to look for a Sudan female, but no luck. In 10 years, we've only seen 4 of these guys, 3 of which he had bought (one other ended up being male, so we traded him for the female he has now).
I can't believe these guys aren't more popular. They're easy to care for, pretty much eat anything you give them, don't get too large, and can actually be quite tame once they get out of the cage and calm down after a minute or so.