Tornado in my hometown Monday June 22nd.


Ghoulish Geckos
I'm about 15-20 minutes from my hometown, but a large number of my friends still live there. We are actually planning on moving back there in the next couple years unless I can convince my husband to get a job in San Diego instead.

A large EF3 tornado came through Monday. They said it was close to being an EF4. This is a town of 5500 people. I grew up here. Over 800 structures were damaged. There are over 100 homes that cannot be lived in right now and at least 55 homes will have to be demolished.

My best friend had her house hit pretty bad. They got their house condemned and are waiting to find out if the whole thing will have to come down. It destroyed their new camper, business van, and brand new month old truck, too.

They did not let any official volunteers in until Friday. Anyone else could only come in if they lived in the neighborhoods. Police are checking ID's at all roads leading to these areas.

I was able to get in with my bff yesterday and walked around the one neighborhood and we helped out at their house. It is devastating.

I took a lot of pics and thought I would share a few here. This is after 5 days of clean up.

This was a house. The people inside were in the bathtub when it hit.

So many trees were pulled out or torn in half. The huge trees in the park were ripped out of the ground, but I couldn't get over there.

One of the kids rooms in my friend's house.

Inside the house upstairs:

This is how a lot of houses look. Some are way worse.

Another tree torn out.

Looking down the street.