Traveling with geckos


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Hello my name is afrika and i currently live in Kentucky but in june i will be moving back to my home state California. We will be driving all the way there. I have two leopard geckos and just needed advice on how i should go about taking them with me as i love them to much to get rid of them.


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Somerville, MA
Get either 2 deli cups with holes (check out for the supplies) or 2 small critter keepers. Get 1 or 2 (depending on whether you keep your leopard geckos together normally or not) temporary tanks for them. This could either be 2 10-gallon tanks or 2 large (17"x12") plastic critter keepers/faunariums. Alternatively, if you're taking their tank(s) in the car with you, you can use that. Travel with the geckos each in a deli cup or small container. If you stop for lunch or something, put the containers in a canvas bag and take it into the restaurant with you. Don't advertise that you're dong this (why cause a possible problem?). It's really important not to leave the geckos in the (cold) car if you make a stop. They will be fine with whatever heat you're using in the car to make yourselves comfortable, even though it's cooler than they're used to. When you stop for the night, set up their regular or temporary cage(s) first to give the heat mat time to start getting warm. You can feed them, but don't be surprised if they don't eat.
Have a good trip.