Tremper Albino Eclipse (RAPTOR)


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Miami, FL
DOB: 7-29-2011
Sire: Reverse Stripe RAPTOR (from Mike Rekowski "Reptiles By Rekowski")
Dam: Raptor Enigma ("Nova" from Adam Chesla)
Asking $100

Abberant Tremper Albino Eclipse (RAPTOR) for sale...
Incubated for female, looking female so far...
Weighing in at about 14 grams...
Both eyes are "snake eyed" eclipsed....
Beautiful gecko, develops more color with each shed...
AMAZING genetics (pictures of mom and dad provided upon request)
One toenail missing on the left rear toe...due to a stuck piece of shed that was removed a bit too late...

LOCAL SALE IS PREFERRED AND WILL TAKE PRIORITY....However, shipping IS available (please contact me for information regarding this)