Trick or Treat! Live Mealworm and Superworm Special!

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:rifle: Want to do something this year to be the center of conversation for weeks maybe even years to come? Having a Halloween party or going to one that you were invited to? We provide live Meal Worms and Super Worms ready to serve to your guests, family, and friends. There's plenty to eat! They will not escape from a basic bowl or tupperware. No need to cover them.

Fedex Ground and Fedex Home Delivery service is offered for so that you may receive your tasty treats while never having to leave the comfort of your own home or office at a flat rate of $10 per shipment. Check out our site for competitive prices:

Give your pet Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Uromastyx, Sugar Glider, Fish, Hedgehog, Turtle, Lemur, birds, parrots, etc, a treat this October. They will love these live worms. Plus they are home-grown 100% Natural Organic and provide excellent nutritional value for your pets.

Mention code: Craigslist
...and receive an additional 10% Over-count free of charge for the month of October regardless of how big or small your order is.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. TRICK OR TREAT!

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