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I want to try some new food items for my geckos. Currently, they each have a fresh bowl of regular mealies in their cages at all times which is changed daily. I also give them crickets (which they love), superworms, and sometimes waxworms. I use Mulberry Farms most of the time, and I was thinking about trying the silkworms when they get them back in stock, and the tomato hornworms.

I've tried butterworms with them, but that wasn't a very pleasant experiance. Every gecko that ate the butterworms regurgitated the entire meal the next day.

I'm scared to death of cockroaches. Like really, really, disturbed by them. That isn't even an option. :main_no:

Phoenix worms were a big dissapointment. Everybody LITERALLY spit them back out at me.

I just want to offer them as much of a variety as I can.


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Silkworms are good, definately give it a try. I ditched my mealworm colony last month, and am going to offer silkworm and dubia combo for my leos (with occasional supers). If you're really scared of roaches, perhaps you can start with a few baby dubias. Trust me, the babies aren't scary at all. Maybe you'll be able to get over the fear with the babies.


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Baby roaches helped my friend get over her fear of roaches. She said they are much less "roachy" as babies.

Some people use Isopods as feeders, none of my leopard geckos would eat them though. My Mourning geckos love isopods, so my colony isn't a total waste.

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Philoscia muscorum and dwarf white woodlice

Philoscia muscorum is an ispod eagerly eaten by most animals more than others of the genus Porcellio or Armadillum. The dwarf white dont really get much bigger than a 1/4 inch.

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You really should reconsider roaches, I switched to them from crickets and have never looked back. dubia are nice and slow moving, very un-roach like in behavior. I use both lateralis and dubia, I like the fact that the lats are more active and help give tubby leos a workout, and some of my younger geckos won't go after dubia because they don't move much, but both are great.

Silkworms are great, and the moths make a nice change of pace if u let a couple extras get fed off. I use mealworms as a basic diet with dubia and lateralis alternating meals and the occassional silkworm or super.

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I'm scared to death of cockroaches. Like really, really, disturbed by them. That isn't even an option. :main_no:
Im Afraid Of Roach To At 1st..
But I Give A Try..
& Hey,Im Happy To Make The Switch To Dubia..
I See U Feed Ur Leos Crickets..
If U Are Ok To Handle Crickets,Im Sure U Can Handle Dubia..

Ur Leos Love Crickets..
They Sure Love Dubia As Much..

Dubia Have More Meat : Bone Ratio Compare To Crickets = Easy Digestion..
Dubia Are Large,Usually My Adult Eats 1 Dubia & Its Enough = Saving Feeders Cost..
Dubia Breed Easy = Saving Feeders Cost Too..
Dubia Are Slower Den Crickets But They Move Around Enough To Attract Ur Leos..
Dubia Dont Jump..
Dont Climb..
Dont Smell..
Dont Make Noise..(Is Not A Prob To Me Anyway..)

Neway This Is Just Me..
Thinking Bout Dubia & Crickets

Hope U Get Wat U Need..

Have A Nice Day..!!