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So I am having issues with my website, and I was hoping for some input. Here is some background... and I'm sorry its gonna be a bit of a rant!

My Dad is in the technology industry and when I mentioned to him that I wanted a website, he insisted on finding the right web designer. A good friend of his recommended the person that we are used, and we have been having problems with him since day one. His e-mail response time averages about a week and he is rude as can be. It is so complicated to edit the site, as I can not see the photos from the master page and can not see the gecko's code from the sales page. I have mentioned this to him and his response is pretty much too bad.

The most recent problem arises over shipping. I have recently started selling crested gecko diet on my site and thus have the need to have different shipping options. The way the site is designed, I can either have shipping enabled for each item at a set rate (ex. $35 for geckos or any other product) or I can add it to the total cost of the item and have shipping disabled for everything. I can not change the shipping cost item by item, or even disable it for certain items! For example, have the $35 shipping for any animal and DISABLE shipping for the dry food and add it into the cost of the item. I can not even do that. When I asked him about this, I got the same response.

Technically, the site was done a little while ago, as we sent final payment and the site went live. Is it standard practice to "wipe your hands" of the site when this is done? Admittedly, I should have told him that this was a requirement from the beginning, but I did not realize it would be an issue. He knew it was to be an online store front (I even sent him a list of websites that I liked the design of and wanted to emulate with points about each that I liked and disliked). What online store front in creation has 1 set shipping price? I don't care if you are shipping lizards, fish, or tires.... if it is an online retailer, they will need to have variable shipping costs. I am not sure what to do here! :main_huh:

I guess the main question is just whether or not he is or should be obligated to fix problems in the site. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!


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I would have to say since ultimately its your reputation on the line, he needs to either fix the problems or he needs to give you the access needed to fix it and give you a partial reimbursement.
You didn't get what you paid for.


LizardThing Geckos
a few factors at work...

since it soudns like your dad knew the guy, maybe he does?,
maybe he should speak to him, I am not sure what you paid...but it souds like you should try to re-negotiate changes at a reduced cost,
I am a designer, but I do not do web work for cash, currently.

As a designer I have run into issues numerous times where someone wanted something and didn't say it at the begining b/c they eitehr did not know, or weren't aware that this was not 'the usual way to do it' or they did not know what add'l work was involved.

As a reptile breeder with my own site and issues of hiring someone to do web work, when you strike 'deals ' with people it can be frustrating.
There could be things going on such as attitude, if the guy thinks he is that GOOD, (1 week to return calls, etc) is he being a jerk? or does he think that he is so busy that you should feel lucky to have him anyway?

I can only speculate, but what it comes down to, is either having the guy who made the site do the changes, or someone else.
I tihnk you have to be diplomatic and smooth talking, but some points to keep this in mind, make the guy feel like he should WANT to fix the issues because of his reputation, and keeping it in 'good standing'...

Maybe you need to come right out and ask, if he is knowledgeable enough to actually DO what you want, (change shipping dynamically)

Sometimes what we think is a small 'change' or 'fix' actually requires a lot of work, or additional programming of code...
for example: on web sites , a small change of a graphic 's dimensions can cause parameters to shift and things to not line up all over...

in this case my advice would be to try to keep the discussion open with the guy, but be clear about what you believe to be 'normal' shipping options,
if he gripes and starts crying, admit that you both had a 'misunderstanding' and you'd like to just have this reconciled/fixed, if he asks for more money, this is where you need to be detailed about how much work is necessary, and how much time he needs to do it, and when you expect to have it 'done'.

-- maybe it's appropriate to have
you dad talk to this guy, or his friend that recommended him. After all he is the one who insisted on using him.

-good luck

sorry for my typos, keyboards just get in the way, and i type so fast i have to let some errors just go...lol
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