What morph is my gecko + General taming?


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I just got this new little gecko about three days ago! He or she is eating nicely so that's a plus-
How should I go about taming them? Should I just scoop them up to get them used to handling or take the slow approach of sitting my hand near it in the tank?
They are my first Leopard gecko so I'm hoping to not just stress them out.

Second general question is what is their morph(s)?
Curiosity has been poking at me to ask this for a few days
They are a hatchling or juvenile so their pattern will change


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It would be helpful to have a picture of the whole gecko with the whole tail. If the gecko eventually loses all of its body spots it will be a super hypo. If it retain 10 or fewer body spots it will be a hypo. If the whole tail is banded it's also called "aberrant" because the body bands are broken but the tail bands aren't. If there are breaks in the horizontal bands on the tail (that I can't see) you could call it a jungle. It's too young to sex so far.



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I'm not sure on the morph but to handle your gecko you simply lower your hand in front of it slowly so that it knows you're there then gently try to slide your hand underneath it. If it's not too skittish it should walk onto your hand as you're sliding it under. If it backs away but you have to get it out of the tank for cleaning, feeding etc., slowly back it into a corner and gently scoop it up. Be careful because some will back up or run out of your hand. Just give it a minute to crawl over your hands and it should calm down if it does happen to freak out. Just avoid grabbing their tail as much as possible so they don't lose it. If at any time it bites you, because that can be a possibility, avoid freaking out because it will surprise you and might make you jump. You are trying to avoid accidentally dropping your gecko and possibly injuring it so you want to be as calm as you can be if it ever happens. Hope that helps and congrats on the new Leo!