when gecko buying goes wrong...


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Grrr sometimes I just want to tell people off and get them in trouble because they pissed me off but I probably shouldnt.
Does anyone else feel this way when they buy geckos or plan to buy and something or a bunch of things go wrong they just want to tell the world "DONT BUY FROM THEM" or am I being over-dramatic?

I dont like being lied to or being treated with an unprofessional attitude.

There is a big difference between trying to be friendly and fun, and being outright unprofessional. I especially detest bad service and lack of communication. I would rather be annoyed by too much information than not enough.

Why do people post classified ads that only have a morph, sex, pic, and price? There are other things that are important like hatch date that should be included.

Ugh its frustrating to try and deal with someone that is too busy for you as well. I mean if they are too busy to spend the time writing emails about the sale then they shouldnt be selling them. What does that say about care as well? If they dont have enough time for you do they have enough time for their reptiles?

Like I want to help the little man... the one with no rep because I want to help with that but when I am treated poorly its a bit of a turn off. But then on the flip side I have been treated poorly by big name people so its like who do I buy from? No one is safe... Maybe I need to aim for the middle man and cross my fingers.

*sigh* :wall:

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I think if you got treated as poorly as you're saying you have, then you take your money to someone that appreciates making the sale. Don't buy from them if they act like providing a hatch date is more than you have the right to know. Just keep moving on until you're being treated in a way you're satisfied with. That's my advice. :main_yes:


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What if they are selling a gecko that they don't know the hatch date on? I have sold animals I had no project for that I did not know the exact hatch date. (but I provided the approximate age.)

I think it is important to provide as much information as possible and to be professional and friendly. As Maurice said, though, you have an option to go elsewhere if need be.


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Being patient is one thing but when someone doesn't get back to you in a reasonable amount of time it is frustrating. Also when potential buyers disappear as well. If you are no longer interested say so if that is the case.


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Buying AND selling can be frustrating!

We were out house hunting most of the day and the phone was ringing off the hook or binging to tell me there was an email the entire time (plus, it's a holiday). I feel bad when I can't get back to people within 5 minutes and it seems like there was an extraordinary amount of technical difficulties with payments, shipping, etc. I'm not a good multi-tasker any way and some days it's almost enough to make my head explode. Answering an email while trying to navigate with the map (which is upside down) makes it difficult not to sound short in email form even though I don't intend that tone at all. Some days are like that! That's just a seller point of view. lol

Other side explained, there's something to be said for feedback and reputation. We've dealt with breeders big and small and tended to get the best customer service from the people I feel like I know fairly well from here which is not surprising. You can never be sure but iTrader ratings (here) and BOI threads (on Fauna) really do help give an idea of what to expect from your experience.

Either way, it sucks dealing with difficult people! I can assure you that there are plenty of breeders out there who are happy to help you with any questions you have and not make you feel like an idiot for asking or like they don't have time for you. Don't give up hope! ;)


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Oh man this is simple! Take the business else where. We've bought 2 canines and 2 felines via the net so far, as well as fish. It took me probably 2 months for each purchase before I found a person who I WANTED to buy from and who I got along with. It's just insane how many people out there are only in it for the buck taking the most minimal care they can to increase their earnings. Those are people I don't want to buy animals from.


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I agree that if you're in the business where you have to deal with people, customer service skills are needed. I have one particular "breeder" that I will never recommend and I have blog posts and youtube videos showing evidence of why.

As for showing the hatch date, to me that's not a requirement to purchase. I don't keep dates on my cresteds, but have my leos. Not posting hatch dates isn't a deal breaker to me, and not knowing them isn't a deal breaker.

Rudeness, poor quality animals,etc. are both deal breakers. If you're not comfortable, then don't buy.


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I hear ya man, I have someone local that quoted me a price four days ago. I called yesterday the price changed by $80
I was like WTF he told me to buy elsewhere and I told him to kiss me where the sun don't shine.

I've had a bad experience with someone who has a ad on this site. I'm not saying names but it was by far the worst rep breeder I've ever talked to. It was a shame as this breeder has a huge rep but his cust service was terrible.

On a positive note I called Garrick demeyer yesterday. We talked for about half hour. I will buy from him anytime. Very professional and very kind, he answered all my questions and he even asked me questions. Class A guy for sure