Young Leopard Gecko attacking at ReptiCarpet


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Hi! I got my leopard gecko about two weeks from PetSmart. He's still pretty timid around me but has no problems with eating or drinking. Recently, I've noticed him doing something pretty weird. He'll stick his head out of his warm hide occasionally and start biting at the ReptiCarpet. I think his mouth gets stuck on it after that, because sometimes I hear what sounds like him ripping some of the fibers up. Does he do this because he's hungry or because he doesn't like the carpet? He eats about 7-10 mealworms each night. He's chirped at me before when he wants to eat more. Also, can I have some general tips to tame and bond with him? After leaving him alone for the first week I began sticking my hand in his 20-gallon tank to let him get used to me. He'll boop and lick my hand, but gets frightened when I move so I haven't handled him any yet.


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You can replace the carpet with paper towels if you're concerned about him eating it. At least temporarily until you guys learn a bit more about each other. As for taming, just search in the top right for "taming gecko". Basically you wanna move slowly be patient and work with him every day if possible in short spurts