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    Identifying "Jurassic King Snake"

    I'm thinking a king/corn too
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    Identifying "Jurassic King Snake"

    Picked up this crazy little fella as a rehome. The store he was dropped off at called him a Jurassic king snake which is a nonterm to me. I only know Jurassic milk snakes which are the hybrids. It was only a $40 rehoming fee. He came with lighting, bedding, a heat pad and his water bowl. I...
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    Sick Grey banded king snake

    Glass filters it out, but a screen won't. I'm going to leave it open for an hour or two a day should the weather permit. Still getting a new bulb as well. Apparently snakes need full spectrum to process calcium and this is something i never knew. I know leo's need sups but i didn't realize...
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    Sick Grey banded king snake

    Things went great. She was seen as a pocket pet and the fee was $51. Unfortunately, she has a calcium deficiency and her jaw is very soft. As it turns out, the full spectrum lights actually wear out after 6 months or so, even though they stay on. She hasn't been getting enough UV to process...
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    Sick Grey banded king snake

    i got her an appointment at 12
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    Sick Grey banded king snake

    First off, i haven't been around in probably a year or 2 so, hi. My GB king girl has fallen ill lately. Her mouth developed some sort of infection last week, the lower jaw's gum tissue looked very swollen and red and it kept her lower jaw flared out. I have an appointment with the exotic...
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    Scavenging Snakes?

    I was curious if Snakes, particularly colubrids were know to scavenge on carion? I know we feed them dead animals in captivity but since we normally warm them up and "dance" them I don't think it truly counts as the snake actually choosing to eat a dead animal. One of the reasons i ask is...
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    Smallest kind of snake?

    Im with Kate on Male KSB being the smallest of the beginner snakes.
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    Mexicana Mexicana!

    Beautiful as always.
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    Repeat Offender, any ideas?

    Seeing as she escaped the day i posted the last post, i got a Boa proof tank off my friend. Even his determined Blood couldnt get out. She shed, decided she was hungry and then jumped tank.
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    Two Water Moccasins fighting

    Very neat, nice shots!
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    Repeat Offender, any ideas?

    Thats the kind i was trying to find, but im short on the money right now and i have to get a bunch of new fish supplies due to a heater meltdown in my big community(all in all, im screwed). SO, i was thinking maybe a pin top, with the lid that slides over the tank and locks with a pin and a lock?
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    A little bit of sibbling love

    Oh dear god, what have you done? You know i now need an excuse for a new tank right? Sadly, im going tank shopping tomorrow.
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    Repeat Offender, any ideas?

    This is just getting stupid now -_-. My lovely KSB, who im now guessing is male, has repeatedly escaped and attempted escape, despite my actions. I have locks on the lid, the pressure metal clips. He got out. I put weight on lid AND used the clips, he got out. Now i find out that he got out...
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    Priceless Marcia XD