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  • Compliments for your art should certainly be readily
    available if it is shown.......It looks like inspiration is already a big part of you.......
    I'm assuming your work is your avitar too. That's what first caught my eye.
    Yes, I know PJB(Jess) and I have one of her baby boys. He is the father of the
    Super Gray Mice thread. Your girl is really looking good. I like your albums.
    And if that is you in the photo (says me on it).........and I was about
    60 years younger I'd be camped on your door step 24/7. LOL
    Very pretty young lady...........
    You take care. Hj
    Hello. Yes, I have a DeviantArt gallery, and the Mountain God's my featured piece.

    I see you have artwork. *goes and looks :3*
    Cool :) Don't forget to post in the "introduce yourself" section, and post pics in the "show off your leos" section :)
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