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    Help with feeding new gold dust day gecko

    So im new to reptile owning and i decided to get a gold dust day gecko 4 days ago. He seems to be very comfortable in his tank and fairly active. Ive managed to get him to start drinking water and eating droplets of honey. He absolutely loves honey but he wont eat anything else it seems and o...
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    Gecko cannot eat food. Need help

    Hello, I've been taking care of my two geckos for roughly three years now, and I've come upon an issue with one of my geckos. My gecko has a lot of trouble eating, and not in the sense that he doesn't want to eat, but rather that he just can't pick up his food. I can tell he definitely wants to...
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    New Gecko Owner!

    Hi! This is my new, and first, leopard gecko! Her name is Raea (Ray-a) and I'm thinking she's a little younger than a year. I got her from a reputable, local pet store near my house. They take amazing care of their pets have really good prices. She loves to be handled and will cuddle and fall...