Help with feeding new gold dust day gecko


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So im new to reptile owning and i decided to get a gold dust day gecko 4 days ago. He seems to be very comfortable in his tank and fairly active. Ive managed to get him to start drinking water and eating droplets of honey. He absolutely loves honey but he wont eat anything else it seems and o course honey isnt healthy for him. Its now time to try and get him to eat something nutritional. Ive tried getting him to eat Repashey, waxworms, even waxworms covered in honey! but no luck. Id love to hear some tips and advice to help get my gecko to start eating nutitional food. Thanks in advance!
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Set up a bowl for the Repashy and replace it every other day. Honey is really sweet and probably much more appealing than Repashy. I used to feed Repashy, but I think that the newer formulations are not as tasty as the original. Some geckos seem to prefer other brands. I feed my day geckos (I have 2 gold dusts), cresties, gargoyles and leachie the Pangea brand and I alternate between the "fruit with insects" and the "mango watermelon". I have to say that in most instances, the food doesn't really look as if it's been touched, except for the leachie and the day geckos that seem to clean their bowls. However, all the geckos that are fed this way are fat and healthy. I would recommend that you offer the fruit nectar diet (whatever brand you choose), offer small crickets (I use 1/4") 2-3 times a week and don't worry too much about what it is or isn't eating as long as it seems to stay the same size or get bigger and is normally active.