1. LGeckonoob

    New dark spots

    I’ve noticed these newer spots, he had a few of them when I first got them but I noticed a few new ones today and they may have gotten darker, I’m not sure if this is just him growing because he isn’t even a year yet or what? What do you guys think?
  2. LGeckonoob

    Can someone gender my gecko

    Hi everyone, I have always been curious if my lil dragon was a boy or girl? What do you all think?
  3. LGeckonoob

    New Owner, Need Advice

    Hello, This is my gecko Goose, they recently shed on the 15th and a few days later theres this dryness on their back. I have given them two baths with Repti Shed Aid, as well as being in a humid container for 10-15 minutes but no improvement. My next idea is maybe an electrolyte bath. If anyone...
  4. C

    leopard gecko up for adoption!!!

    Would anyone care to adopt my gecko, her name is Ray and I’m not able to take care of her anymore, she is only eight months old and she still has a whole life ahead of her!! Contact me if you are interested and in Columbus Ohio.
  5. xoxokcp

    Possibly Sick Gecko??

    Hi all, Im new to this site but i joined in a more urgent manner. I went to Petco today to get some meal worms for my leopard gecko when i saw this: is this just a gecko with some kind of morph? it didn’t look like shedding at all and i’m not sure if this gecko is sick or not. if not, would...
  6. C

    Something wrong with geckos eye

    I’ve recently began looking after my friends leopard gecko while she is out of the country and this morning when Turing her lights on I noticed that something is wrong with her eye. She doesn’t seem to be keeping it closed or anything but it looks like there is blood in it. Just wondering if...
  7. madisonv56

    Anyone know the morph?

    My friend recently got a leopard gecko and we were wondering what morph it is. Thanks in advance!
  8. Gojira_0429

    Tank crowded?

    Good morning I have a 4-5 month old leopard gecko. We did a small remodel to his tank because he loves to climb and we wanted to give him more things to climb on. However I’m worried it’s maybe too crowded now? He hasn’t seemed to worry but he is now pooping where he normall naps in the warm...
  9. Leah_6666

    {old thread}

    {old thread}
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  11. ForestPatrollers

    Looking for leopard geckos

    Hello hello! I am currently looking for leopard geckos, it doesn't matter for the gender, morph, or age. I just want to own more of them and if it takes me a minute before I get the reptile its most likely I need to prepare a tank for them (tanks that come with the reptile is preferred. I'm new...
  12. Geckos & Fish & Cows

    I haven't even gotten a gecko yet

    Hi, I'm Shyann and I haven't even gotten a gecko yet, but I guess I wanted to be prepared. I have a 10 gallon tank set up with lots of ledges and stuff (I'll attach an image). I am getting a 40 gallon soon and I will be doing the same kind of thing. Let me know what you guys think! Also, I was...
  13. M

    Before and after- tangerine

    Just a before and after of my handsome orange little man.
  14. M

    4 year old male

    This is my male leopard gecko. The first pic was taken of him in February and then the last picture is him now. He did seem off for a bit but he seemed to be wanting to mate at that time and now he has slowed down. He has lost weight and his yellow has gone away. He’s pooping fine but eating...
  15. M


    I have a male leopard gecko that is about 4 years old. He has been acting strange and I am not sure what is going on. I am stuck between impaction or sperm plug possibly. He doesn’t seem to be impacted because his stomach looks normal. It is soft and he has made bowl movement since the last time...
  16. C

    Male Red Stripe Leopard Gecko

    He is a 2 year old red stripe. Both of his parents were albino. Unfortunately I am moving and unable to take both my females and male with me. I am wanting 85 for him. He would be a great breeding gecko (he loves his females). Here is a link to my Instagram for tons of pictures...