1. SuperMario


    Hey, so my Leachianus gecko hasn’t eaten much for the past 7–10 days, and he is not as active as he usually is. I noticed this change in behavior after a 3-day cold front that caused temperatures to go as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 7 °C) outside our home. He is a 3-year-old male, almost...
  2. J

    Leopard Gecko “boners”?

    Hello, So this might be a really stupid question. I have a male leopard gecko that is about to turn a year old next month. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that he was licking his vent area which I’ve never seen him do before. i picked him up and checked underneath his tail but couldn’t see...
  3. Sage


    Peacock day gecko male, Sage
  4. H

    Male or female

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if my gecko is Male or female? Not the greatest photos but he/she is super nervous haha. Thank you
  5. Oliver

    Mack Snow (Male)

    Without any hets or het Bell. Ideally I would like a male that is of a quality that can be bred. Can be adult or young, though if young I'd like to see photos of the parents. I would GREATLY appreciate and like to ask for (if possible) information about the gecko's parents and their...
  6. acpart

    Igor is not Igor

    I have had a leachianus gecko, Igor, for nearly 5 1/2 years. I was told he was male and it seemed to me that he was male. Last night Igor laid 2 eggs. The cool thing about leachies is that they can, on occasion, lay fertile eggs without benefit of a male and hatch parthenogenetic babies. I'm...
  7. W

    Picta in the leaves

    A male picta in his set up
  8. Neon Aurora

    2016 Male Rainwater Albino

    From Raining Redstripe lines Hatch Date: 8/5/16 Weight: 51 g $80 More available at Contact us for questions or to arrange purchase at [email protected]
  9. W

    Majestic male

    He's a handsome chap indeed
  10. DrCarrotTail

    CG14-15 Male Typhoon

    Male Typhoon from Acid Stripe bloodlines. This boy is huge and gorgeous. Bright colors, feisty personality, and gorgeous 100/100 solid eyes. He'll be a great male to kick off a new or add to an existing Rainwater project! Click here to go directly to his page. Check out more like him on my...
  11. W

    Beautiful Bairds scales

    I snapped this lose up of a stunning male Bairds over at Rainforest Exotics
  12. C

    2014 Male Banana

    Gorgeous Male Banana Ball Python. Kept as a pet and never bred. He's roughly 3 1/2 feet in length. I don't have a scale to weigh him sorry. You can see from the pictures he is very healthy, no health problems or mites. He's very friendly. He feeds on frozen thawed small rats. $300 shipped...
  13. C

    Pair of White & Yellow Designers

    IDs: F1-3-15 & BB1-5-15 Male on left / Female on right White and Yellow Designer Pair - Sold Only as a Pair Male born on 7/16/15 and Currently weighs 91 grams Female born on 9/26/15 and Currently weights 86 grams $220 Shipped for Pair. Craig 509-808-1611 Check us out at 'CNS Geckos' on...
  14. W

    In blue

    A male Nose horned viper at Rainforest exotics is in due to shed and "in blue"
  15. A

    male green anole (In NC )

    I would like a small adult male green anole to breed with my female kiwi :3 I have the tank and setup so they can see eachother but can't attack eachother through the glass :D let me know if you have one (must be under 15$) now I shall VANISH!! :vanish:
  16. G

    gender help please

    Hi everyone! We have 2 adult beardies, Sapphira (15 months, 450 grams) and Shurikan (20 months, 350 grams). The problem is that we were not sure on their genders but since they get along very well we have put them together a few months ago in a 150 gallon tank. They have been mating for a...
  17. S

    Viper Geckos

    Wanted: I am an experienced Viper Gecko owner. I'm looking to retain all types, males, females, and unsexed. Right now I'm in NEED of a male. Please contact me: [email protected] or Link A Dink Reptiles on facebook.
  18. L

    Female HTCT baldy for sale!

    Selling female hypo tangerine carrot tail baldy make an offer the worst I can say is no also looking for a male any morph low-high end so I you're willing to part with it I'm willing to trade for it. Picture upon request.
  19. S

    Male Blizzard/Blazing Blizzard(Tremper) 100% het for Diablo Blanco

    I have a female Blizzard poss. het Diablo Blanco who is at breeding weight and of age. I am afraid I will not be able to breed her this year, but I would like some sort of Blizzard who is absolutely het for Diablo Blanco to test her out. I would really like a male Blizzard/Blazing Blizzard het...
  20. S

    Awesome Raptor Male

    200+ shipping. 2 ALL RED EYES. 5 Months old, 56 Grams as of 6/13/13 ... MSG me if you're interested 100% live arrival guarantee