Chahoua Acting Differently


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This is not a serious concern but it still has me a little worried. My Pine Island Chahoua, Chalupa, is kind of acting..different? I’ve had him since March of this year and it did take him some time to warm up to me, as he had been shipped over to me by FedEx and was probably traumatized by that. As of the last 2-3 months, he became a lot more interactive with me. He would tilt his at me in a curious way, flick his tongue, and even approach me at the front door. He often has launched at the glass which I just can’t get enough of, hehe. But as of this week he do I say it, distant? Like he’s less interactive. He’ll look at me when I approach the cage, but he seems unsure. I try to study his body language. I wanted to handle him again as I hadn’t in awhile but I don’t know if he’s going react aggressively or...? He’s not cage aggressive at all, never has been. I can stick my hand in the cage no problem while he’s right there, and he doesn’t get scared. As long as I don’t make sudden movements. He’s always been super tame when I’ve handled him, just sits there. I’m probably just overreacting, as I have a tendency to overthink. I’m just hoping he’s not going through some sort of personality change as he just turned 2 yrs old earlier this month. I also understand that they behave differently during mating season, is that right? This is my first Chahoua, well my first gecko PERIOD. I’m still so new to this. But he’s done extremely well and I think handling his care has been alright for me. Gone great actually.


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I don't have any Chahouas (though I do have crested geckos, gargoyle geckos and a leachie) but I find it's not unusual for them to behave in a certain way for awhile and then behave in a different way for awhile. My oldest crested gecko, Spencer, who is nearly 14 1/2 has long periods where he ignores me (though he doesn't mind being picked up) and other periods where he lunges for the door (not in aggressive way) as soon as he sees me.


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