Free Leopard Gecko to Good Home (Pick up Only at This Time - Providence RI)


California, USA
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This is Seattle, a healthy, beautiful, 6 year-old female leopard gecko. She is a "mutt" - not a pure-breed morph, and I don't know anything about her genetic lineage.

She is free to a good home. After 6 years of sharing an enclosure with Indi, another female, she injured Indi and they are now living separately. I am re-homing her because the two enclosures take up too much space.

Seattle is handleable, but would be best living on her own. I am happy to re-home her for free to a responsible adult who has prior experience with reptiles. This animal is a pet to me (I am not a breeder), and so I may ask to see the enclosure you intend to keep her in, or ask you a few questions about leopard gecko care, just so that I can feel comfortable passing her along to a new home.

At this time, I am not prepared to ship her, and so local interest is preferred. If you are interested in shipping, let me know, and if no one has offered to pick-up, I will look into it.

I may also have equipment that I am willing to sell (tanks, lights, etc.) and so if you are interested in this (also for pick-up), we can discuss pricing when we discuss arrangements to pick up Seattle.

PM me if you are interested.

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