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  1. T

    Let's Try This Again: Tangerine Leopard Gecko Available for Adoption

    This was my first (and so far only) pet reptile. I opted for the typical beginner non-snake, non-beardie choice. I have had it for about 15 months. It's about 16 months old. I have reached a point where I really want a more interactive reptile, as well as a tropical one. Unfortunately I don't...
  2. C

    Looking for a new home for a lovely leopard gecko

    Update: our Leo has been rehomed!
  3. N

    Please Help (mouth rot??)

    What is this on my Leopard Geckos mouth? I'm so worried because I did some researching and the only results came in with Mouth Rot. I'm not sure because it looks really hard to be mouth rot compared to other images. Please help.
  4. D

    Hi! Just looking for some advice.

    Hi! I’m new here. Just recently got a Leopard Gecko. And I’ve pretty much got almost everything under control. Except what bulbs to use. He is in a 10 gallon enclosure. I’m working on getting a bigger one. And I have a Thrive dual dome lamp. As of right now. The bulbs that I’m using are this...
  5. Harbor Reptiles


    Working closely with some top breeder, working with a scientist, and a veterinarian on certain “things” to help with neurological symptoms associated with ES. So far going very very well!!!! A couple have turned right around and living healthy, happy, normal lives!!!!! Next year depending on...
  6. Harbor Reptiles

    Mack enigma and snowglow enigma

    So in the last 5 years I’ve had Enigmas I’ve jotted down notes and in the last 3 years of breeding I’ve made some very interesting hypothesis! It’s nowhere near a conclusion, but I’ve teamed up with a couple other breeders working on some similar theories. And between their ideas and mine, there...
  7. RyleeRellik

    Organs? Or sick?

    I just rescued this baby gecko, (around 2months) he was dehydrated and underweight. I am planning a vet visit to test for crypto and parasites, but just got covid, so I can’t leave my house. I wanted others opinions on if this simply looked like organs showing through, or if it looks to be signs...
  8. J

    Is my Leo normal or high yellow morph?

    I do not really know anything about morphs what do you think my gecko is?
  9. annie

    new leopard gecko owner

    Hi guys, I just brought home my first leopard gecko. She’s a 7 month old female. I’m unsure of her morph (if anyone knows let me know:D). Still in the beginning stages of her set up. I just brought her home tonight and I’m going to pick up more stuff tomorrow. Right now she’s in a 15 gallon...
  10. C

    What type of morph is this?

    Got my leopard gecko about 6 months ago and haven't really found out what kind of morph she is. Was wondering if anyone here had any ideas? Thank you!
  11. Harbor Reptiles

    Good quality dude!

    H/Y tangerine tremper, pos new cocoa lines. (My line I’ve started) dad is pictured next to him. His name is Geralt.
  12. Harbor Reptiles

    New here!

    Hey there! My name is Ashlynne! I’ve been breeding for about 5 years now. Although more because I used to breed BP. I’ve been heavily and extensively researching Enigmas. I’ve been working with enigmas for about 3 years now. Started with a very expensive boy who was a 4th generation enigma with...
  13. T

    Leopard gecko injured

    Please note : I've scheduled to take him in to the vet- but their soonest availability is two weeks away. Last night my cat broke into my leopard gecko's cage, im not sure how .It's a sliding top with that clicks closed at the front. Somehow she opened it, and climbed inside. I was sleep in...
  14. Animal Enjoyer

    Need Help with my Leo

    I think I messed up BIG TIME. My leopard gecko didn't have a heat lamp or uvb until today (I'm not entirely sure how much uvb the repti basking lamp from zoo med provides), and she doesn't look well. She's not eating, and I've tried force feeding. She's shedding okay, but I worry I've done...
  15. C

    Lighting stuff/ tank

    Ive never owned a leopard gecko (I have researched them) but I stick to bearded dragons. However my mom is a vet and her friends at her old clinic (that’s attached to a pet store) turned in a leopard gecko with shedding issues and they cannot sell him. I offered to take him and I’m picking him...
  16. T

    Baby Mack Snow Leopard Gecko

    Perfectly Healthy Leopard Gecko. 2 months old. I am also selling other supplies along with it. Asking for $125, but I am flexible with the price. I will sell the gecko and supplies separately. ZIP 85143 Won't sell if more than 30 minutes away. Won't ship -Peter Manning
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    Hi, My neme is treavor!
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    Reverse stripe
  19. bigboy444

    Gecko only eating 1 bug and refusing others

    My 2 year old male leopard gecko just finished his treatment for pin worms. He wasn't eating much and had runny stools so he got 2 doses of panacur, his last one being on April 1st. Tonight he only ate one Dubia roach and is refusing any other food. He will see a insect, seem interested and then...
  20. FarAway9

    First trouble after 4 years

    Dear all, I am new to this forum and I hope some of you can help me. I got my leopard gecko four years ago. He was a rescued adult male, used for breeding, very thin and full of parasites. I took care of him and he is not a lively and chubby. About 10 days ago I had to rehome my milk snake due...