leopard gecko

  1. helfrichj

    Heating Mat Question/Recommendations

    Hello Everyone, I have had my leopard gecko, Chauncey, for about two years, and I have had the same heat mat the entire time. I have a thermostat hooked up to it to control the temperature and keep it at 89 degrees F. However, lately it has not been getting above 84 which I know is too cold...
  2. M

    Noobie Questions!

    This is my first gecko Blaze. I bought this little guy from Petsmart about a month ago and they couldn't tell me much about this lizard. I don't know how old it is and i would like to know how i can tell the gender. Finally, if anyone can tell me what morph i have, i would highly appreciate it...
  3. Roul

    My Lovely Lady~

    (As a side note, her enclosure setup is much nicer now. This was when I first got her and I was somehow under the impression that she only needed two hides. She now has a fabulous cave with is her favorite.)
  4. ssScaleyCreations

    Mouth Rot? Or Scar Tissue?

    Hi everyone, this is my leopard gecko Tango (7mo male) and when I brought him home (1mo) he was full of bad shed wounds on his head, upper lip, and nose area. The worse of it was on his upper lip, though. I hoped that with each new shed it would become less and less apparent which was thankfully...
  5. Yas97

    Crooked back toe???

    Hi, so my leopard gecko just had his second shed yesterday he shed perfectly as I checked thoroughly but I noticed his back toe was crooked and looks bent I did touch to see if it’s sensitive but he just wobbles it back to the crooked shape, I’m worried. He has been laying in his cooler side for...
  6. I

    Leopard gecko dropped tail

    One of my leopard geckos escaped last night (quite literally pushed through a tiny foam piece that covers a small opening in her tank - which is smaller than her body so i don’t even know how she got out), and we found her this morning with her tail dropped and a tiny cut on her side. I have 3...
  7. panthergecko

    What morph is this?

    Hello, I am trying to figure out what morph this new leopard gecko I picked is.
  8. S


    Thanks everyone!
  9. H


    I have no clue what morph he is, and I know he’s still a baby but I was wondering if anyone could give me a clue on what he could be?
  10. A

    Feeding advice for a new owner

    By happenstance I acquired a 5 month old male leopard gecko recently. While I have experience herp keeping it has been with crested geckos and bearded dragons which are decidedly different. I’m trying to see what all I should be feeding my new charge. Currently he is getting 5-6 mealworms dusted...
  11. H

    Bite wounds?

    I just got my leopard gecko and I was wondering if this looked like a previous tank mate bite wound? Or stuck shed? I don’t think it’s shed because he had no interest in the humid hide he has but it’d be nice for a second opinion helena
  12. H

    Help? (normal activity level?)

    Okay! So, this is my first leopard gecko i’ve ever owned. His name is Chaos, and he’s about two weeks old. I just got him today, and I noticed he seemed to be particularly active during the day and right now (9:45 pm) he’s asleep. He even ate at around 2 pm and he was exploring his tank. I’ve...
  13. H


    Hi guys! My name is Helena and I love reptiles :). I have a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, and soon to have a BCI. I also dabble in fish and other aquatics :) Since this is a only a gecko forum i’ll show some pictures of my brand new baby Chaos. He’s about two weeks old. He looks much bigger...
  14. J

    Hello, we could use help!

    Hi! We are new leopard gecko owners. Our son got his little girl in December, she’s like a white & yellow leopard gecko. She was still pretty small when we got her, so we assumed very young. Recently we noticed her front foot/ankle joint swelling, almost like an abscess. She had just shed, so we...
  15. L

    Leopard gecko heating at night?

    Hello, I am a new leopard gecko owner and am confused about their heating needs at night. I’ve heard two different things. I’ve heard that they don’t need heat at night and need the drop in temp to mimic their natural environment and I’ve heard that they do need heat at night to digest food...
  16. Lava Firewater Male - First of my new line

    Lava Firewater Male - First of my new line

    This is a gorgeous male I've reserved from Gecko Element! He is a stunner, the grandchild of "Lava" from the original Lava Firewater line created by Bryan Jett! His parents are Ingenous (Lava Firewater) x Roxi (Atomic Rainwater). I'm super excited to see the incredible babies he helps to produce!
  17. ThisnThatExotics

    New Vendor questions

    Hello! This season has gone great for me this year, and I’m planning on vending my very first expo in August. I do have a few questions though. I’ve started to get all the supplies I’ll need for the show, such as a banner, backdrop, lights, tablecloth, deli cups w/ lids, creature care cards, and...
  18. J

    Morph question.... Hypo... Anything else?

    Hello! I have this sweet boy that I rescued a couple years back, and he's doing great now. But since he was a rescue, I don't really know his genes and whatnot. I know that he's a hypo, since he only has one spot on his body, but someone asked me recently if he was a hypo mack snow and I...
  19. IAmGroot

    Gecko Greenie

    Hey everyone! My name is Riley, my Leo’s name is Groot. She has been my baby for four years next month. I still consider myself a bit green when it comes to A1 care and food variety for my girl. I have mixed things up for her(food wise), giving her crickets or mealworms here and there. I don’t...
  20. K

    Leopard gecko heating

    Hello, I have just gotten a leopard gecko and this is my friend time owning one. I tried to google an answer to my question but couldn’t find one. It’s really hott in my house at night, out of my control, and the heat in the enclosure is in the range needed without the nighttime heating, so for...