leopard gecko

  1. lukeyoo

    New Gecko Owner

    Hi everyone, The other day myself and my girlfriend rescued a leopard gecko from a not so great condition. We've cleaned her enclosure and have bought new everything (minus the skull). She seems to have settled in quickly and is loving her heat-pad as she didn't have one before. Echo is about...
  2. Morfran

    Please Help Confirm Gender!

    Originally I was told my Leo was a male hence naming him Ragnar. However after lots of research I learned more on how to sex a gecko and I believe I was misinformed and my Leo is in fact a girl. I would like someone to help confirm this for me. I do not have a bulge or prominent femoral pores...
  3. B

    URGENT: Gecko Starving Itself - Please Help!

    HISTORY: I adopted an adult leopard gecko from PetSmart two weeks ago because it was blind. Prior to this, the gecko lived in the store for maybe five months in a 10 gallon enclosure with an overhead heat lamp during the day and a night lamp at night. It was fed a diet of crickets until it began...
  4. L

    Newbie worried about Gecko behavior

    Hey y'all. I'm a newbie reptile owner, who got a 3-4-year-old leopard gecko a couple of weeks ago. They've been living pretty peacefully in their terrarium until now. We don't actually know the gender, because the former owner was unsure. They've been acting really amicably and was very active...
  5. J

    Leopard Gecko “boners”?

    Hello, So this might be a really stupid question. I have a male leopard gecko that is about to turn a year old next month. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that he was licking his vent area which I’ve never seen him do before. i picked him up and checked underneath his tail but couldn’t see...
  6. M

    What morph is my Leopard Gecko?

    Hi everyone! This is Jawa, my about 6 (??) month old leopard gecko and I'm definitely a bit confused on her color as the morph lists with pictures and all of that don't really have any that look exactly like her lol. I know her color still has a bit of changing to do, but she was almost entirely...
  7. R

    Are these mites? Help

    I have a vivarium with Bio Dude Terra Sahara reptile substrate and succulents. It’s been set up for almost a year now with no problems. I haven’t introduced anything new since the set up a year ago. A couple weeks ago I noticed small white and brown insects on the water bowl. I thought they...
  8. S

    Early MBD or overreacting Leo mom?

    Hello, This is Paco, and he’s (supposedly) a 1 month old leopard gecko. That’s what the petsmart employee told me, however he seems to be a little big to be only a month old. I’m not an expert though, I’ve only had a bearded dragon. He’s been with me for about a week, and he’s been the sweetest...
  9. K

    Leopard gecko not eating

    Since day one my leopard gecko has been a picky eater. One day he’ll love crickets, then the next day he won’t. There was a time when he loved wax worms and now he doesn’t. He absolutely hates mealworms and super worms, and I even tried giving him a pinky rat just to try something different and...
  10. V

    Habitat Questions

    I will be getting a leopard gecko shortly, and am working on designing its habitat. I haven’t had a leo for about 15 years, so I’m approaching this as though I know nothing. I will be using excavator clay for the majority of the substrate and had a few questions. 1) Can I use desert matting...
  11. T

    Is this mouth rot, please help.

    He’s been eating and drinking and being normal but hes skittish and always has been, but his mouth lately looks wrong in front!
  12. D

    Forget-me-not, safe for leo?

    Hello! I had been thinking of creating a plant-carpeted section in my leo's humid area, as it's currently living in a bioactive tank. Forget-me-nots are a really cute plant, and the internet has said it was non-toxic to humans, but there's no information on reptiles. This would be an...
  13. H

    URGENT: Rescued leopard gecko with signs of MBD and malnutrition

    Hello, I rescued a leopard gecko from a family member who was severely neglecting her. She's 10 months old. My cousin asked me for advice when his gecko was refusing to eat. I asked him for a picture and the attached photos are what he sent me. I told him to give me the gecko immediately so I...
  14. AM217

    Need identification of possible pest insect in bioactive vivarium

    I was shifting some of the substrate in my Leopard Gecko's bioactive vivarium around and noticed an insect I did not recognize. I Iooked up some common pest insects in bioactive vivariums and didn't find anything resembling what I saw. The only insects I purposefully added are springtails and...
  15. RyleeRellik

    Dark spot on leopard gecko belly

    Hi, I’m new to this forum, but I have 4 leopard geckos and one fat tail gecko. I’ve kept geckos for 7 years, but recently my female leo- Aqua. Seems to be impacted? There was no signs of anything 2 days ago but now there’s a very dark spot on her tummy as pictured here. The only other symptom is...
  16. I

    Gecko poop

    Hello! I’m a happy gecko mom of 3 leopard geckos. As a mom, I overanalyze everything (including my geckos poop!) We received our geckos in September when they were about 4-5 months old. They all act healthy: love to be held every night, shed normally, drink water, and eat regularly. However...
  17. skerrigan

    Steph and Jerry :)

    Hey everyone! Being new to owning a Leopard Gecko, I'm so glad and excited to have found this discussion forum!! My name is Steph and this is my pal Jerry :)
  18. ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    Juvenile Jerry
  19. ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    ~ Leopard Gecko ~

    Hey guys :) I'm new to the Leopard Gecko community and would love for you all to meet my pal Jerry!
  20. Jupiter

    What morph and how old is he?

    Hey so I recently got a leopard gecko (dec 23, 2020,) from petsmart and I wanted to know how old and what morph he is. I think he's 1 month but I don't exactly know. I searched up one month old leopard gecko and he looks similar to them. Thanks! ~ PumkitDrawz