Gecko only eating 1 bug and refusing others


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My 2 year old male leopard gecko just finished his treatment for pin worms. He wasn't eating much and had runny stools so he got 2 doses of panacur, his last one being on April 1st. Tonight he only ate one Dubia roach and is refusing any other food. He will see a insect, seem interested and then turn his head. He was doing this pre pin worm treatment so I thought the pin worms may be the cause of him refusing much food. He did eat 5 dubias a couple days after his first dose. The heating and humidity levels have been where they should be. I'm not sure what's going on or what I could do to get him back to eating regularly? Any advice would help as its been very frustrating :(


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Somerville, MA
Sometimes the antibiotic leads to reduced appetite for awhile. Keep offering. You could try putting him in a small bare enclosure with a few crickets and low light and see if he eats them. It may take a few tries.


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