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  1. Harbor Reptiles

    New here!

    Hey there! My name is Ashlynne! I’ve been breeding for about 5 years now. Although more because I used to breed BP. I’ve been heavily and extensively researching Enigmas. I’ve been working with enigmas for about 3 years now. Started with a very expensive boy who was a 4th generation enigma with...
  2. Jupiter

    Meet me & Jupiter

    Hello! I'm am Pumkit, I run the YouTube channel PumkitDrawz. I love to do arts, music, and various other crafts. I own a cute cat named Barsic and a very smol lizard named Jupiter. I'm always up for a chat or some tips on taming, feeding, and generally taking care of leopard geckos. (I am a new...
  3. Maddieh61902


    Hello everyone ! My name is maddie and I currently have 3 reptiles and one amphibian . I have two leopard geckos , both rescues , my first leopard gecko is a normal morph he is 6 years old and I’ve had him since he was a baby his name is yoshi . My second leo is a rescue with mbd and he is just...
  4. Ghostblaze

    Hello Everyone

    Hello fellow herpers I’m from NJ and have been herping since I was in the 3rd grade and I’m just about 29 now. I used to breed bearded dragons, but I have just recently gotten into keeping chameleons and geckos. Geckos are definitely very satisfying so far . Here are a few pics of my Veiled Cham...
  5. S

    New member from Indianapolis

    Hey everyone, I'm Sam Robb. I've cared for reptiles for about 4 years now and currently own a leopard gecko and a ball python. This is my mack snow, Bagheera. When he's not sleeping in weird places in his tank he's on the go. He likes to explore as much as he can get away with when I bring him...
  6. D

    brand new and excited

    hey :) i am a brand new gecko mom and also new to this forum about me: i'm from germany (so please excuse me if i don't use the proper terms for gecko-related things or mess up) i'm 33, working in a daycare/nursery about my geckos: i "adopted" a group of three young female leopard geckos (i...
  7. G

    Hello everybody!

    Well, my names Asher.I'm 16 and didn't know if there was a age limit on this forum .I had reptiles before. I decided to get back in the hobby. Im going to a reptile show tomorow to pick something up. Im funny and pretty cool. Well thanks ! :D