leopard gecko morph

  1. Rad_reptiles

    What morph is this leopard gecko?

    Hi everyone, i took this little guy in almost 8 years ago. I was told that he is a normal and didn’t really question it since I never wanted to breed him. But now I’m kinda curious what you guys think. Weirdly colored normal or something else? looking forward to your answers :)
  2. A

    What morph do I have??

    I'm a first time gecko owner but an experienced reptile caretaker. I'd like to know from you guys which morph you think I have. I know I could almost definitely find out on my own, but experience saves me time and effort! I have also included some pictures of his enclosure. I'd love some...
  3. J

    Is my Leo normal or high yellow morph?

    I do not really know anything about morphs what do you think my gecko is?
  4. J

    Morph question.... Hypo... Anything else?

    Hello! I have this sweet boy that I rescued a couple years back, and he's doing great now. But since he was a rescue, I don't really know his genes and whatnot. I know that he's a hypo, since he only has one spot on his body, but someone asked me recently if he was a hypo mack snow and I...
  5. Zal_Gecko

    Morph Help! Leopard Gecko

    Hi Everyone, I've brought this beautiful gecko yesterday and wondered what sort of morph she is if anyone knows? Thanks.
  6. Zal_Gecko

    Learning Leopard Gecko Morphs

    Hi Everyone, I'm very new to the world of Leopard Gecko's and have picked up one today and I'm very interested in learning all about the different morphs and meanings for letter and number combinations. Would anyone be able to help me or send me somewhere that could help? Thank you so much!
  7. M

    What morph is my Leopard Gecko?

    Hi everyone! This is Jawa, my about 6 (??) month old leopard gecko and I'm definitely a bit confused on her color as the morph lists with pictures and all of that don't really have any that look exactly like her lol. I know her color still has a bit of changing to do, but she was almost entirely...
  8. L

    Can someone identify this morph please

    Hey all, tried to post this but there was a issue. So we recently got this gecko after they were rehomed to us. The past owners dont know the morph and were curious if you guys may know? They are just going to be a pet like the other leopard geckos but we know their morphs but not this one I...
  9. N

    Leopard Gecko Breeding

    Hi I just had some questions about breeding leopard gecko's, This will be my first year breeding Leopard Gecko's . So far I have a Male Albino, Female Bold Stripe, and Female Funky Jungle Snow Bell ph Eclipse(starting to ovulate). The problem is I am not positive on what strain of Albino my male...
  10. F

    Biggest Smile on My Newest Morph Leopard Gecko from Lilith Leo's and Exotics!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJEcNDuKV-M This girl is a bandit mack snow mixed with high yellow and is a very nice girl!