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  1. M

    Aggressive Crestie!

    I got my crested gecko back in April this year. She was/is around 2 years old when I got her. She has a 18x18x24 enclosure with plenty of greenery and hides. I feed her repashy every other night and mist her every night. Her humidity stays at about 70-80 at night and 50 throughout the day. Her...
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    C1735D8B-822A-4078-817B-FA76205B3A27 (1).JPG

    Meet Reginald (Fergalicious) Decke!
  3. J

    New Crestie Owner

    I just recently as of yesterday got a 2month crested gecko. I thought I was going to get an adult, but the babies were more readily available. I am keeping it in a Cricket cage currently. (I will post a picture) I just need to know if what I have is adequate and what to improve or fix. Also, do...
  4. bkHVYR

    Two juvenile female crested geckos together

    Hello I just got my first ever crested geckos a few days ago. I got them from a reptile store and the keeper said that they were always together since birth. They are kept in a 45 x 35 x 80 (cm) bio active terrarium. I have a few issues with them however: One is bigger (14g) and the other one...
  5. My crested gecko sandy !!!!❤️❤️❤️

    My crested gecko sandy !!!!❤️❤️❤️

    Hey watch my YouTube channel reptile life !!!! Here is my crested gecko can anybody tell what kind of morph is she exactly ?
  6. GeckoMamaArle

    Crested gecko dwarfism?

    Hello! I used to breed crested geckos and all of the babies I've raised over the years seem very large at 2 years old, but one in particular I decided to keep is only 9 grams at (2 years old in August). She eats, climbs, isn't too thin or anything. She's just so small!! Is there such a thing as...
  7. Granite


    Granite, my super dalmatian crested gecko. She was from my last clutch of two super dalmatian pinstripes. I want to breed again eventually!
  8. M

    question: my first crested gecko

    So I just got my first reptile ever from a friend. She’s a crested gecko and she’s about 2 years old. I’ve been wanting a gecko for a little over a year and I thought that I had done a lot of research about the animals and the care needed for them. I went and picked her up today from my friends...
  9. Those Eyes

    Those Eyes

  10. Hunting Time

    Hunting Time

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    This is Babamik :)
  12. B

    Is my crestie healthy?

    Hi everyone, im new here so this is my first post. My crestie is 1.5 years old and wanted to make sure she is doing ok as I think she is a bit on the small side. I am wanting to breed him/her in the future.
  13. Dalmatian hatchling

    Dalmatian hatchling

    Little dalmatian hatchling
  14. Siege

    Crested/Tokay Hybrid

    For a long time I've been fascinated with hybrids, and I was hoping to ask around before starting a new project. I want to know if anyone has, or has heard of, hybridizing tokays and cresties. I know with snakes you can hybridize an arboreal python from Africa to a terrestrial colubrid from...
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  16. JSReptilesUK


    Just thought I'd drop a little hello - my partner and I have been keeping reptiles for coming up to eight years now but only recently started joining some of the forums as never really thought about it before! I've attached some of our gecko gang for you all to see :) Left to right: Zilla the...
  17. Zach Simms

    How to get my Crestie to eat.

    Hey everyone, So my one crested gecko I bought about a week and a half ago won't eat the Pangea food mix or the other food that I bought it. I try holding him and holding the bowl by him and I also try putting some on my finger and holding it in front of it but that doesn't work. Any...
  18. M

    New here, from ohio

    Hello everyone, I'm Maximumsubzero this is my first time on a reptile/gecko forum. These are my lovely reptiles.
  19. A

    New gecko fan and owner!

    Hey all! I've recently just gotten into gecko's. They've always been interesting for me but never really got into them...until a few months ago. I started out with a crested gecko, Keru, and have a bioactive vivarium for him. I just recently rescued a juvenile leopard gecko from someone I...