crested gecko

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    Baby Harlequin Flame cresties

    Hi! I'm looking to rehome a few baby and one crestie that's about 3-4 months old. They're from a pair that was sold to me at an expo, very beautiful color and they're all very handleable. I'm located in Northern Illinois!
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    Gecko starrt wand an

    Ich habe mir vor gestern einen Kronengecko gekauft (auf der Terraristika). Ich habe mich vorher auch gut informiert aber Tagsüber liegt er nur rum, was natürlich nicht verwunderlich ist weil er schläft, aber wenn er aufwacht setzt er sich auf den Boden und starrt die Kork rückwand an. Da ich...
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    Pepper, my other baby! Crested gecko, red based phantom super dalmation!
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    My Tarzan! Crested gecko, red spot tiger dalmation.
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    Continuous egg laying?

    Hello. I have a female crested gecko that I have had since she was about two months old. This year she turned 6. I have noticed for the past 8-10 months she has been laying eggs. This is a new behavior for her. She has never been around males so they are definitely dud eggs. My concern is the...
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    EMERGENCY, baby crested gecko potential tail rot

    I've had two babies me and my girlfriend have hatched at the end of July 2021, they've both been completely fine before no behavioral or physical issues, they're fed repashy every two days where they both have eaten completely fine. The only problem so far has been that one has been slightly...
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    I need some help!

    Let me start by saying this is Lilo! Lilo is about 8 months and I've had her since the beginning of March. She belonged to my uncle along with her sibling, he didn't play with them much and only fed them crickets, no crested gecko diet or anything like that. He dusted crickets every other day...
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    Hot glue in crested gecko enclosure?

    Hi I created this account because I need help, I used hot glue all over a dowel and glued fake plants to it for my gecko and she’s very flighty and it scared her to put it in but after I put it in I realized that hot glue needs 24 hours to cure, it is completely dry and I finished it hours ago...
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    Crested Gecko not Sticking?

    Hi, I've had my crested gecko for a while now and I've never had this issue before, but he isn't able to stick to things anymore. He used to sleep in leaves but now he just sits at the top of the terrarium. If I take him out he'll feel really slippery and he struggles a lot. He's been like this...
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    Pores? Weird white spot?

    Hello all! I'm a new Crested gecko owner who just purchased one at PetSmart a couple weeks ago. I know PetSmart isn't a good place to get anything but after months of searching stores in my area, they're the only ones with Cresties. I have my new scaled friend in a fully bioactive converted...
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    Our almost 12 month crestie
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    What type of crested gecko is this?

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    Male or female

    This is my 6 month old crested gecko, 5 1/2 inches long head to tail. If you click on the picture it will be clearer. On the right of the spur is the vent. What do you all think? Male or female?
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    Geckie besties

    Hello! I joined because I have obtained 4 geckos within the past few months. (All seperate enclosures) Two leos, one crestie, and one fat tail. I would like to post pics of my crestie when I can get clear ones. He(?) Is 5 1/2 inches long and i believe 6 months? Id love if people could help...
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    Help with hinged screen, crested gecko

    Hey all, new to forum. This is long, sorry. I have my crested gecko in a 55 gallon tank sitting on its side so it’s tall rather than long. I moved gecko to this tank because the door on his converted glass cabinet tank would make a pop sound when I opened it and it freaked him out. So to get rid...
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    Black mites in repashy

    I've had two baby crested geckos for a while now, set up in a bioactive enclosure with sprngtails, a fogger, cork bark and live plants. Recently when I've been putting their food (repashy) into their tank I've noticed these small black mites in the repashy. The two cresties are in perfectly good...
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    Please help. (I.D.?)

    Hi, I just got this little one for free from someone who didn’t want him. I was told he is a crested gecko, but upon further inspection, something doesn’t seem right. Is my baby a crested gecko or a gargoyle gecko? Also what morph does he look like?
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    Crestie skin infection? Small raised bumps on sides & crest

    My friend's crested gecko (approx 2yrs old) went missing from his tank in June of this year, and they just rediscovered him still living in their house about two weeks ago. He's been in a smaller bin since then, since his tank is being occupied by a different crestie now, and they can't be...
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    Stressed or Inquisitive?

    My gecko is a 5 year old female and I am trying to decide if she was stressed or just really curious during handling tonight. Let me preface by saying she is usually a very quiet gecko as well as very social and tolerant. When I took her out tonight she didn’t run from me but did give one loud...
  20. Red patternless

    Red patternless

    13 month Female 33 gram red patternless