1. Ghostblaze

    Hello Everyone

    Hello fellow herpers I’m from NJ and have been herping since I was in the 3rd grade and I’m just about 29 now. I used to breed bearded dragons, but I have just recently gotten into keeping chameleons and geckos. Geckos are definitely very satisfying so far . Here are a few pics of my Veiled Cham...
  2. Geckos & Fish & Cows

    Should I get 2 or 1???

    Hey! I have a 10 gallon tank right now but am going to be quickly getting a 40. Should I get 2 leos? (Both females, of course) Or just stick w/ 1? Will they be stressed in a tank that big? What you think??? Thanks!!
  3. L


    Hello, I am new to reptiles in general and have been doing a lot of research on leopard geckos before purchasing one and have joined here to get some first hand experienced cares information. Any and all info is welcome. I love the black and white snow morphs and am thinking about getting one...